Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium

Private Readings by Appointment:

Sandra has a private practice that includes providing

private Readings. 

Private sessions are available at a one hour minimum.  



Long distance Private Sessions by customized


If you have an iPhone and would like to have a FaceTime session, send Sandra an email through the Contact Us page!

As you will see from the Testimonial Section, Sandra has clients from all over the World.  



Sandra lives on Cape Cod, and travels to meet with her clients by appointment.


Sandra Offers Education Individually and in Groups

  • Spirit Communication
  • Past Life Review 
  • Assessing your metaphysical strengths
  • Developing your psychic abilities
  • Developing your personal magic
  • Communicating with spirits
  • Creating energy circles and improving your sixth sense
  • Opening yourself to spiritual and Universal messages
  • Finding direction and validation in your spiritual path
  • Working with crystals 

Sandra has offered her guidance to groups with her Ghost Hunting outings, offered group classes at private homes and in commercial settings and Sandra works on a regularly scheduled basis with individuals to heighten their personal awareness of their own metaphysical abilities.

Whether your skills are Empathic, Intuitive have Clairvoyance, Clairsentience or Clairaudience, Sandra can help improve your metaphysical skills and give you options for structuring your own spiritual path to include maximizing your psychic abilities.

To Contact Sandra

Please fill out a form under the Contact Us section. 




Readings and all services are meant for your personal reflection.  All services are provided for entertainment purposes. Services in no way constitute legal, financial or medical advice. No type of counseling or personal advice is given.