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A Spiritual Purpose for Candor

Posted by sandralindsey on May 12, 2013 at 1:00 PM

In spiritual terms, to learn to keep our energies clean and clear is the start of a careful examination of our own contribution to the energies of the Universe and the importance of direct communication with our peers and connections. Candor is an important principle to live by if you seek to advance toward success with lasting effects.


Candor can be confused with rudeness and harsh truths told for the sake of winning arguments. But candor is not about creating an advantage. Candor is about personal ethos and accurate moral reflection of your beliefs and your standards.


"There is no wisdom like frankness." Benjamin Disraeli


The energy wasted with insincerity and the maintenance of an inauthentic perspective is cause for failure and setbacks, especially in the business world. Spiritual intellectuals reflect the thoughts that they live by, and have enough room in their hearts and minds for change.


A clearly defined position need not create animus among friends, professional colleagues or new connections. The shared growth of intellectual people is built around open discourse and understanding, starting with the commitment to listening to other viewpoints while truly speaking about firmly held beliefs or points of view.


"Candor is a compliment; it implies equality. It's how true friends talk." Peggy Noonan


Strong relationships are built on mutual respect and openness to diverse viewpoints. Often people congregate to unifying beliefs and dismiss their points of view. Elegant banter can include respectful disagreement, a volley of thoughtful expression and playful and open discussions.


Consensus building can be done with candor as long as the core communication and mission is to incorporate perspectives and experiences for the greater good of the representative viewpoints.


"I never did give them hell, I told them the truth and thought it was hell."


President Harry Truman


The responsibility of leadership requires a review of reality, strategies for successful actions and arriving at accomplishments. A professional leader keeps the focus on truth while crafting a message that reaches a diverse group and provides motivation. Candor is needed to keep focus on moving through change and creating successful outcomes. Tenacity of a leader includes a commitment to truth and action.


"There is no diplomacy like candor." Edward V. Lucas


The art of the diplomat is to bring common ground and understanding to a situation where diverse opinions have stalled action. Candor is telling. The truth feels different than a version of the truth or a manipulation of facts. Truth keeps focus and clarity on a situation and is something that can create consensus.


The struggle one can have with candor is the perception that truth could hurt feelings and cause conflict. Truth spoken with care and tempered with understanding minimizes conflict and focuses on the desire to create understanding. An increased comfort with the truth increases the respect and credibility among connections. Spiritually, candor lightens one's energy and creates a pathway to manifest more positive interactions and successful accomplishments.

Facing the truth is essential for spiritual development and can liberate the feelings and free the energies bound by people pleasing. The motivation for telling the truth need be found in the desire to engage more fully in the lessons of life.

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