Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium

Astrological Magic - Your Sign, Your Element, Your Crystals

It isn't necessary to sink yourself deeply into Astrology to learn more about how the astral alignment of your birth can support your spiritual experience.  This page is designed to offer you more information about how personal Magic can synchronize with all aspects of your metaphysical journey.  The information can be used for your personal understanding and it can be used to connect better with those who share in your physical journey, thereby connecting you firmly among the group with whom you share your time and experiences. 

Your Sign and Your Magic

If you believe in Astrology, you probably already know everything that you need to know about your birth sign and your personal attributes defined by your sign.

This page is to further your knowledge in thinking about how your sign can actually be a beginning step to learn more about manifesting your goals by using your personal magic.  Your personal magic should be composed of every metaphysical tool which enhances your comfort level with Centering yourself and connecting with your Higher Self for the benefit of improving your spiritual experience.

As you are building your personal spiritual map, encourage yourself to explore all aspects of the metaphysical to find exactly what works for you.  

The following list contains some information to get you thinking about how you can use your Astrological Sign and maximize your personal Magic with the use of metaphysical tools and crystals to enhance your appreciation of your birth sign.

The information is broken down by element, power color, planet, spiritual challenge, spiritual focus, crystals to enhance your attributes, crystal to calm your attributes and celestial god/dess that corresponds to your sign.

Step One - Review your spiritual challenge and spiritual focus

Utilize the information to maximize your use of astrological archetypes and consider your relationship to your spiritual challenge and focus.  You have many teachers in the Universe who will help you direct your energies to reach your goals. Check out the signs and corresponding qualities of some of the biggest influences in your life. If you feel there is a sign that you don't feel is compatible, you probably have not met the right person yet.  

Step Two - Review your power color

Do you sense an affinity to that color? When you are trying to ground yourself and get back to basics, consider utilizing this color to center yourself to get back to the core of your astrological archetype.

Step Three - Review your planet and God/dess

Consider the celestial meaning of the planet and God/dess connection.  The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the Gods and Goddesses represented human behaviors and attributes, and that mortal behaviors were influenced by these Gods/Goddesses.

Step Four - Review the crystals that enhance your sign archetype and the crystal that calms you

If you are into crystals and the energy of crystal vibrations, or if you are beginning a collection, consider acquiring crystals that will add to your energy field and use them to enhance your personal energy.  

Aries (The Ram) March 21 - April 19

Element: Fire

Power Color: Red

Planet: Mars

Spiritual Challenge: To avoid self-isolation

Spiritual Focus: To embrace self-transformation

Crystals to Enhance an Aries personality: Carnelian, Garnet and Ruby

Crystal to Calm an Aries personality: Citrine

Celestial God(dess): Mars - God of War, passion and strength


Taurus (The Bull) April 20 - May 20

Element: Earth

Power Color: Indigo

Planet: Venus

Spiritual Challenge: To gain perspective over the need to control

Spiritual Focus: To create personal values and express appreciation

Crystals to Enhance a Taurus personality: Agate, Diamond and Lapis Lazuli

Crystal to Calm a Taurus personality: Chrysocolla

Celestial God(dess): Venus - Goddess of love and spring (Mother of Cupid)

Gemini (The Twins) May 21 - June 20

Element: Air

Power Color: Yellow

Planet: Mercury

Spiritual Challenge: To stay present in conscious thought

Spiritual Focus: To clearly communicate and to follow through with promises

Crystals to Enhance a Gemini personality: Citrine, Turquoise and Agate

Crystal to Calm a Gemini personality: Aquamarine

Celestial God(dess): Mercury - the God of Speed, the messanger

Cancer (The Crab) June 21 - July 22

Element: Water

Power Color: Silver

Planet: Earth's Moon

Spiritual Challenge: To create centering and balance

Spiritual Focus: To create roots, understand the impact of ancestry and past lives

Crystals to Enhance a Cancer personality: Islandic spar, Moonstone and Pearl

Crystal to Calm a Cancer personality: Opal

Celestial God(dess): Diana - Goddess of the Moon, animals and hunting

Leo (The Lion) July 23 - August 22

Element: Fire

Power Color: Gold

Planet: Sun

Spiritual Challenge: To maintain purity of thought and motivation

Spiritual Focus: To inspire, create humor and entertainment

Crystals to Enhance a Leo personality: Amber, Peridot, Tiger's Eye

Crystal to Calm a Leo personality: Topaz

Celestial God(dess): Apollo - God of musicians and poets

Virgo (The Virgin) August 23 - September 22

Element: Earth

Power Color: Navy Blue

Planet: Mercury

Spiritual Challenge: To master one true art

Spiritual Focus: To serve and promote the health of self and others

Crystals to Enhance a Virgo personality: Amazonite, Amber and Sardonyx

Crystal to Calm a Virgo personality: Agate

Celestial God(dess): Mercury - God of Speed, the messanger

Libra (The Scales) September 23 - October 22

Element: Air

Power Color: Pale Blue

Planet: Venus

Spiritual Challenge: To share equally

Spiritual Focus: To create a strong relationship and partnership

Crystals to Enhance a Libra personality: Aquamarine, Emerald and Jade

Crystal to Calm a Libra personality: Moonstone

Celestial God(dess): Venus - Goddess of love and spring (Mother of Cupid)

Scorpio (The Scorpion) October 23 - November 21

Element: Water

Power Color: Black

Planet: Pluto

Spiritual Challenge: To embrace personal responsibility and to accept karma

Spiritual Focus: To embrace mysticism, to create fundamental values

Crystals to Enhance a Scorpio personality: Fire Opal, Garnet and Ruby

Crystal to Calm a Scorpio personality: Carnelian

Celestial God(dess): Pluto - God of the Underworld, wealth and abundance

Sagittarius (The Archer) November 22 - December 21

Element: Fire

Power Color: Purple

Planet: Jupiter

Spiritual Challenge: To seek spiritual meaning

Spiritual Focus: To travel and to enhance body, mind and spirit

Crystals to Enhance a Sagittarius personality: Amethyst, Topaz and Citrine

Crystal to Calm a Sagittarius personality: Turquoise

Celestial God(dess): Jupiter - King of all Gods

Capricorn (The Goat) December 22 - January 19

Element: Earth

Power Color: Orange

Planet: Saturn

Spiritual Challenge: To gain respect and authority

Spiritual Focus: To create a career, reputation and place in the community

Crystals to Enhance a Capricorn personality: Apache Tear, Black Tourmaline and Tiger's Eye

Crystal to Calm a Capricorn personality: Jet

Celestial God(dess): Saturn - God of Harvest and fall

Aquarius (The Water Bearer) January 20 - February 18

Element: Air

Power Color: Bright Blue

Planet: Uranus

Spiritual Challenge: To overcome discontent and boredom

Spiritual Focus: To gather family, friends, create community and groups

Crystals to Enhance an Aquarius personality: Amazonite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli

Crystal to Calm an Aquarius personality: Angelite

Celestial God(dess): Roman, father or Saturn and grandfather of Jupiter

Pisces (The Fish) February 19 - March 20

Element: Water

Power Color: Lilac

Planet: Neptune

Spiritual Challenge: To live life to the fullest and not fear death

Spiritual Focus: To gain a personal philosophy and spiritual meaning

Crystals to Enhance a Pisces personality: Amethyst, Bloodstone and Opal

Crystal to Calm a Pisces personality: Jade

Celestial God(dess): Neptune - God of the Sea

Readings and all services are for personal reflection.  All services provided are for entertainment purposes only.  Services in no way constitute legal, financial or medical  advice.  No type of counseling and/or personal advice is given.