Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium

Finding Direction in your Spiritual Life

A life grounded in the knowledge that there is more out there than the physical day-to-day routines, a construction of energies that together bring opportunities for better understanding and deeper meaning to why we are here is the beginning of a spiritual journey. 

Yours is one to author personally, not attempt to do everything perfectly, but to find your own motivation and grounding based on what you need to enrich your spirituality.  To discover that you are part of a larger force that binds us all together because we are all here to learn and to teach each other along the way.


I Will Face My Personal Truth

The truth is raw, it is unfeeling and it is constant. The truth can make us avoid our feelings. The truth can cause us to feel desperate and anxious. Nonetheless, the truth is yours.

Truth is essential to your personal mental health. When you support lies in your life, you starve your Soul. You block your growth. You create a force of negativity in your life that prevents good energy from refreshing your life with necessary change.

To reveal the truth to yourself is to face the reality of your life. Inner demons are faced so your personal angels can sing.  Lift the veil of secrecy that has made its way deep inside you.  Once faced, you can transform energy with your choices. You can acknowledge your needs and accept affirmations from those you love.

If your personal truth includes a betrayal by another, the desire to face the facts is linked to the future of that relationship. Relationships grow and change. Destructive behavior is a sign of the relationship being ill, but not necessarily a sign of the relationship being over.  Nurturing can begin in the light of acknowledgement.

But act wisely. The truth is not a weapon to discharge for the purposes of winning. It is a constant. In the face of it, we all reach into our personal resilience. Your truth may differ from someone else's. For perspective keep your truth in front of you, but limit your judgments about other's behaviors. Everyone has missteps. Everyone has life lessons. Everyone wants to do their best.




I Will Honor My Sexuality

We are all sexual beings with the right to express and explore our sexuality.  Many times we over connect with our definition of sexual expression, or we under connect by wearing loose fitting clothing and live ambiguously through an attempt to neutralize our identity.

The fiery energy that warms and empowers us is an expression of divine energy from the Universe. When we radiate our sexuality, we are aware of its power and can use it lovingly and respectfully.

Sexuality connects us with the essence of all life and power from the Earth itself. Feeling sexual is part of how we are made. It is not wrong. Sexual energy is a feeling and does not always need to be acted upon. 

You can quiet the turmoil of sexual frustration by being gentle and giving voice to the inner feelings that you struggle against.  Connections with others can be accentuated with sexual interest, and that can add to interactions when great respect and admiration come from within.  You can control desires by recognizing the need for acknowledgment of your sexual thoughts and feelings without finding the energy need be acted upon.

You are in charge of yourself, and therefore will not allow impulses or rash thoughts to impede your life.  Relationships are complicated enough without denying your need for your true self, sexual expression and receiving love.

Do not allow your guilt to overcome your acknowledgment of your sexual identity.  By honoring your sexuality, you connect with your needs and behavior is easy to manage.  

Your sexuality is a gift and you can share it with whomever you choose.  Rejoice in your knowledge that you are connected with the cycle of the Universe.

I Am Aware of My Subconscious and Its Effect on My Decisions

The creative part of our brains stores information that helps us advance our actions and decisions in the future.  It has associations between memories, present day stimulation and the hopes and dreams of our heart.

Your memories of childhood and your current day behaviors are more linked than you may realize.  The wants and needs of your past carry over to your adulthood, and can motivate you to create patterns in your life that either serve you, or take away from your success.

Problems get stored in the unconscious mind and can trigger blocks in your present that effect your decisions today. A resolution to repeat patterns that block your energy is to create new information by which your subconscious mind can formulate and thrive to create success in your current life.

Manifesting your goals is a method of working with your subconscious to eclipse your old pattern of behaviors, your old thoughts and fears, and create new patterns of thinking that exemplify your dreams.

Think of something you need or want. Fix your mind on what success looks like to achieve this dream. Put new information into your brain by imagining your achievement of this success. Take some time each day to add to this success. You will be filling your subconscious with what you need and what will make you happy. 

If you do this often, your subconscious will soon be filled with the potential and the desires of your true heart. 





I Have Enough Love to Give

The source of balance and peace is your own sense of connection to the people in your life and the Universe.  It is important to feel that you have a source of love within yourself to gather your wishes and dreams to a central place that keeps you strong and is a solid foundation of your core being.

Love has many levels, and the most basic is the Universal love that generates support and understanding for the people in our lives that need us and support us.

Love starts with peace of mind, which develops by seeking resolution to conflicts. Being carried away with winning arguments, being victorious in judgments and holding tightly to control get in our way of love flowing freely through us. 

Conflict is natural between and among people. Resolution brings about understanding, heightened awareness of ourselves and our friends and it bonds us when we consider different points of view.

For some it is hard to say "I love you" as those who are challenged by the phrase think it refers to the ultimate connection: "I am in love with you." But it is a phrase that feeds those of us who understand "I love you" means: You have a place of honor and understanding in my life. I respect you and want our connection to be true and pure.

It is a bonding between friends, a linkage between groups of people, a connection between family members and a vow between lovers.

"I love you" means a lot to those who receive this phrase, and even more to those who say it with true intention.

If you aren't saying "I love you" to at least one person a day, you can do better!

I Will Experience the Deeper Meaning of Life

To seek the soul and communication with your Higher Self, you need to take time to quiet your mind, center yourself and learn the deeper meaning of the Universe's organization and your role within it.  To do this, you have to be open to transcend the physical world, your emotions and your fears and to grasp the connections to the intangible spiritual world around you.

The willingness to believe that you live in a world where there is a greater depth to our connections with one another, that our reality is deeper and more meaningful than simply engaging in our daily lives.

To call better connections into your life, to grasp deeper value, you must surrender the trappings of your ego and leave the Universe to provide you with what you need.  Proceed carefully when you are feeling negativity, anger, upset or pain.  You can connect with people of similar thought and not enrich yourself to learn the important lessons that these acute emotions teach you about your life.

And ultimately, you will feel that your life has meaning and you are not alone, in fact there are many spiritual influences close by seeking your friendship and connection as well.









I Will Trust Grief and Emotional Pain to Cleanse My Soul

Part of living a spiritual life is to integrate experiences that the Universe presents to you as important lessons along life's path that help you evolve and become more aware of your true self.

Pain and anguish are two important factors in gaining this self awareness and understanding of the part of you that is constant, that will live beyond your physical body and help you in your overall ascension and spiritual journey.

In connecting with spirits, I have learned that the essence of the soul stays pure and continues beyond the physical body, and in its transformation from physical life to spirit form, the soul continues to evolve, to learn to integrate the experiences from the physical life to continue with the energy of the soul.

Sadness, pain and emotional hurt are very difficult to face in the physical body.  We tend to avoid pain, lash out toward others or hold tight to it and turn inward to move around the pain rather than through it.

Sometimes the pain is accompanied by the stress of regret, the need to mourn lost time, past decisions and acute self criticism.  The grief of the loss or the awareness of the disconnection evokes the emotional pain that is essential to face.  It marks a period of growth, which time and understanding can treat with precision.

When we search for the quickest way out of the pain, we fail to face the information that the Universe is presenting to us - the need to face our emotions and expand our thoughts to learn from where we have been, plan where we are going and reflect on the gift of the experiences we have as new dimensions of our lives.

Easier said than done.

Pain hurts - physically it can stun and overwhelm us - heartbreak, loneliness, sadness and acute loss cause a kind of mental strain that puts a break on our good energy, our life's Chi.  It can sometimes be avoided by external actions - tolerate your acting out - to a point. Do what you need to do to face your inner war of emotions and the conflict you feel that makes you want to run.  The stress of growth is real.

When you avoid pain, you are avoiding yourself. When you avoid your pain, you risk the needed integration of the experiences, causing the emotion to get larger and more overwhelming.  To set yourself free, you must experience the anguish and move through the emotions.  Tears are a natural release and manifest to release your emotions.  

True pain is private.  It need not be shared unless you would like the connection of another person's strength, the accountability of witness from another person or the validation of the connection of spiritual beings. 

But isolation is dangerous. Connection is essential in life.  Love is essential in life.  Human nature is to listen and assist.  We all have pain.  We all have regret.  We all mourn.

Reach out to someone who loves you and share your burden.  The energy of that connection will intensify and bond you in a very important spiritual journey.  Exercise your good judgment.  People who are in too much pain to be self reflective do not possess the skills to connect in a healthy way.

Look around you - there are people who want to help.  There are people for whom giving their time and their love mark the most important parts of their own spiritual growth.

Own your pain and your emotions when you grieve and when you reflect.  The Universe presents a miraculous puzzle for us, but clues abound!  Grasp on to your experiences and the opportunity for growth.  It is part of being alive!








Problems are Important Feedback in My Spiritual Journey

When we encounter roadblocks on our journey that test our ability to remain serene and calm in the face of their entrance into our lives, we tend to split ourselves into a physical self having reactions and emotions about our problems and our spiritual self becomes the monitor of our emotions, often testing our limits of patience by entering into an argument with our physical selves - 'Why did I lose my temper?' "Why is this happening to me?' "Why can't I catch a break?'

When we engage in life fully, facing our problems head on, looking at our troubles as a source of learning and earning the spiritual muscles to face our life's journey, we are able to gain important perspective into our connections with others and our own humility.  We are meant to interact with our lives, including our troubles, to create new perspectives, re-evaluate our paths and hold true to treasured convictions.

Sometimes the problems and troubles lie in the hands of others in our lives.  When our partners fall short of our expectations, when our children fail at good decisions or when our friends disappoint us.  This is the time to bring your focus within to decide whether our feelings are telling us more than we realize, about ourselves and about others.

Moving through our trials and re-evaluating our purpose helps broaden our focus.  Rigidity is easy to fall into - it keeps us grounded from dreaded anxiety, it helps motivate us to keep our head up and look toward the future.  A broader focus is necessary in building our spiritual life.

Problems are stepping stones to a brighter and broader perspective.  They challenge us to build upon our core and strengthen our resolve in the face of uncertainty.  Problems also are a structured opportunity to visit our spiritual viewpoint and focus our faith and belief in ourselves, our decisions and our resilience.

Use this month to help define your role and engagement in your spiritual persona.  Find yourself as part of the greater Spiritual Universe.  Understand that higher powers are at work to protect and engage you in building your strength and stamina for the long haul.  Be kind to the people with whom you are connected in your life and see their responses to pressures, problems and troubles in their lives.  It has been said that God is in other people. 

We are all connected. We manifest a larger Spiritual Community where you, your unique and special experiences, personality and spiritual role has a significant and essential contribution.

I Will Create My Own Grounding

The lives we live are full of obligations, interpersonal dynamics and emotional reactions that pull us away from spiritual thinking.  All of us must meet our commitments, pay our bills and live our lives to be successful and comfortable.  Achieving a balance of energies is marked by the effort taken to center yourself in contemplation and clarity and apply your energies in a structured way of connecting with other souls and beings while adding positive energy to the Universe.

Grounding becomes essential in creating a base of your life where your energy is recharged, your thoughts remain clear, your emotions drive your success and you feel connected to your actions and the people in your life.  Grounding comes from setting a structure for your efforts and energies and attaching intentions that fuel your motivations in a direction that is positive and meaningful.

Regular rituals are important in grounding to establish a pattern of energies that contribute to your grounding.  The smallest of rituals can be rewarding to add quiet, contemplative space to your day or week so that your energies align to focus on your areas of strengths and those areas you want to improve.

Rituals can add to the connection to your soul within, reminding you of your place in the larger Universe. Quiet time is essential for allowing enlightenment and processing to come to the surface.

The smallest of rituals can add greatly to your grounding, whether it be a walk in nature, time spent reading, prayer, meditation, or the tasks of daily housework.  Cooking and baking are ways many center themselves, adding patience and the interactions of the senses to create a product that can be shared with others.  Others prefer the solo time of physical activities and challenging their physical bodies.

Private rituals help to create personal space to reflect on the deepest of vulnerabilities and the strongest of satisfactory efforts.  Communal rituals and gatherings among your support system and social circles help to enhance the sharing of energies for the greater good of the group.

Rituals act as benchmarks in a spiritual sense to take pause and reflect on your contribution to the Universe and the satisfaction with your actions.  A time to add rituals to your life is when you feel imbalanced or anxious.  The smallest of ritual, even sweeping the floor, when taken as a time to pause, will lower your heart rate, focus your attention and contribute to your peace of mind.

Grounding helps to bring out a true appreciation for your individuality, an understanding of your unique qualities and enlightenment into your personal growth.

If you find you have trouble with quiet times and with self reflection, try the Centering Exercise under the Simple Steps section.  

Make a commitment, just for October, to pay attention to the small rituals you already have in your day or week.  Take a few seconds to create a buffer of peace before and after the ritual to understand your actions, motivations and use of your energies.

Take a chance at creating a new personal ritual that will enhance quiet time for self reflection and add to your connection to your soul.

In social gatherings, pay attention to the way those in your circles connect to you.  Encourage them to join their energies with yours to appreciate the time you are spending together.

Cultivate your grounding by focusing on your schedule, your time and your opportunities.

Utilize these affirmations:

I will appreciate my time.

I will face my actions.

I will connect with my personal goals.

I will create my own peace.


I Will Focus on My Contribution to the Universe

The Energy of the Soul is a contained starting point from which vibrations of intentions and belief meet the energy of actions and contributions to the greater Universe.  When one soul entwines with another, this vibrational field expands and each independent soul learns and grows with the connection of the contact.

Whether a love relationship, friendship, business association or civic group, the souls intermingle to promote connection for a greater good.  Connection, intention and action all contribute specific energy to the Universe, thereby adding or detracting from a positive outcome and advancement of the connection as a whole.

When you unite yourself with positive contributors who work together for the greater good, you advance your own vibrational pattern to bring light and goodness to your own life.  To maintain this positive approach, you have to overcome discouragement and the temptation to get bogged down in the doubts, fears and negativity that come from conflict, loss and change.

Individually you start by looking at your own goals for your spiritual experiences and manifest your positive pathway by paving it every day with the intention to understand on a deeper level why you are where you are, what there is to learn and how you can overcome your own doubts and fears to move yourself toward a better understanding of why you are meant to be here and what you need to accomplish outside of gaining money, physical world goals and success.

This new spiritual measure of living is based on the intangibles of life.  Your own personal communication with the Universe and the souls in your life are about influence and support.  Start with this personal assessment of your contribution among those in your life who need you.  This doesn't mean it is limited to those in your closest circle, rather to all souls that are connected to you, one way or another.

* How am I trusted by those around me?  Do I seek to influence people to improve themselves and to overcome their fears?

* How do I handle the influence with which I am blessed?  Do I diminish it when other seek me out for counsel on their fears and concerns? Am I truly aware of what I mean to people?

* Do I keep connected with those souls that advance me in a positive direction?  Am I aware of those connections that are unequal or unfair to me?  Do I move to change those connections?

* Have I set the goals I want for myself and my spiritual path? Have I looked beyond the physical needs of money, possessions and competition to a deeper need for understanding and resiliency in my life?

* Do I spend time to quiet my mind and have an understanding of the intuitive thoughts about my decisions and my everyday life?

If you start with thinking about these questions, you will find that some desires will come to the surface about what connections are missing in your life.  Whether it be the excitement of new friends or new interests or the longing for like-minded connections of understanding and work toward a mutual goal, you will have an idea of what you want.

Once you do, manifesting it becomes putting out conscious energy and intention into the Universe to attract the connections missing in your life.  Sometimes belief is simply doing and keeping doubt at bay until action happens.  Your personal contribution to the Universe creates results.  These results, for the most part, are what you need - don't rely on what you want.  All the rest goes forward in the Universe to benefit others, and you may or may not see a direct line result to your intention, but realize that others, who need prayers and comfort, will benefit from your positive actions, thoughts and intentions in the Universe.  Miracles indeed do happen.

To contribute positively to the Universe is a necessary step to connect yourself to your personal spiritual path.  You have much to gain from being present with the actual and true connections of the souls around you, and you will be surprised how this higher thinking liberates you from common worries.  However, higher thinking is not always shared and appreciated.  Many of the souls that are trudging through the Universe cannot make a higher thinking connection.  It is a different way of living when you walk the spiritual path, and many cannot relate to the depth of the journey.  

You can't do it the wrong way when you practice forgiveness, understanding, resiliency and compassion.  And, as human beings, we can't do this 24/7 without getting caught up in our feelings - this is life after all.  

However, spending one month to be conscious of your personal contributions to the Universe, and gaining a deeper understanding of your spiritual needs is a great start.


I endeavor to make some section of the Universe better, improving it by my contributions.  I will take this space in time to concentrate on making positive and enduring contributions to the Universe with the souls with whom I am connected and with the situations and opportunities I am given.

I will make the most of my contributions to the benefit of the greater good.

I Am Willing to Open My Eyes and See the Universe Differently

To see your spirituality as part of your everyday life is beneficial to your energy and your mood.  A spiritual viewpoint is something that is attained through self reflection, a high level of consciousness, an understanding of how interconnected your Soul is to all living and deceased Souls, and a serenity that comes from your comfort with your contribution to the Universe.

Your inner personal structure of thoughts and beliefs fuels your intent to contribute positive energy to the world.  Overcoming the strings of the physical world from maintaining control and retaining resentments, frees your mind and your energy to remain connected with the Universe, unencumbered by blockages that weigh down your Spirit.

The process to embrace your spirituality requires an openness to clarify your vision to use your eyes, your natural intuition and your inner core of belief that you are meant for a unique role and that your life has a special, customized meaning in the Universe that we all share together.  Your intuitive powers are linked together with your senses, and the quiet and calm practice of spiritual people utilizes reflection on experiences and relationships to bring lessons back to themselves to personally enrich their growth, thereby expanding their spiritual experience.

The Universe gives you clues.  Symmetry of circumstances, connections with people in your lives, filling a need and being in a position of giving and supporting others in need are ways the Universe presents opportunities for you to focus on your own role in the lives of others on their own spiritual paths.

Look at the world as a complex system of living Souls and deceased spirits teeming with energy, igniting the paths of options and growth for the benefit of all of us.  We co-exist with the purpose of ascending on the Spiritual Ladder of enlightenment, for the benefit of a greater social and spiritual consciousness.

If you are looking for your spiritual path, or struggling to stay on it – give yourself over to the openness of the interconnection of the basics of our energy and the Universe will present a path customized just for you.

Open yourself to see the people and challenges in your life differently.

I Will Hold My Own Space

Being engaged in your own life is embracing the notion that you are alive with purpose and a reason that, ultimately, contributes to the greater good of the Universe.  Living in the physical world means taking risks, feeling emotions of joys and lows in our lives. 

Life sometimes takes over our spiritual senses as we pursue our goals in love, success and power.  We sometimes feel most alive under duress or in despair, ever-conscious of our needs and our limitations.  

Our emotional connections to our life's journey give us important clues into our growth and our climb on the spiritual ladder to ascend into more Universal thinking.  As we reflect on our journey and see our growth, we mark times by our highs and our lows.  Our highs are easy to take, giving us faith that we have accomplished what we desired.  But sometimes these highs are clearer in retrospect, when we have been in touch with going without or with being alone.

Many people reject or override self reflection.  Other people get so caught up in self reflection they become lost and off track, feeling hopeless and anxious about next steps.  

The essence of spiritual reflection in life is to recognize your place in the Universe, the work and faith in a Higher Power, and the understanding that we are interconnected by our deeds and our actions.

Holding your own space has to do with owning your part of the Universe.  Owning your feelings and your beliefs and working through your emotions to stay connected to the moment.  No one feeling last forever.  Growth is marked by our emotions and our changing feelings toward our purpose, our connections with our loved ones and friends and our ability to sort out acute and fleeting emotions with lasting sentiments that guide us through even the toughest of times.

Change is part of life to encourage us to pay attention to what we have when we have it.  But our personal growth may mean that we distance ourselves from things to which we once were faithfully committed.  It may mean taking risks to challenge our beliefs and our understanding of what we learned long ago.

Hold your space and find out how you are defining yourself.  What decisions and beliefs make you who you are today.  Understand the people, places and things that ground you to who you are.  Discover more challenges and risks by setting your spiritual growth to seek understanding why you feel how you feel.

People around you are also on a spiritual path.  Some are lumbering through it to the best of their abilities; some are trudging through it with a great deal of resentment; others are engaged in learning and discovering their own path by linking with the experiences of those around them.  And, others, in pursuit of a deeper understanding of what larger purpose they serve in this Universe, pay quiet attention to even the details of synchronicity in their lives, embracing chance and circumstance to develop a closer relationship to their Higher Selves and their roles in the Universe.

Hold tight to your experiences.

Pay attention to your connections with others along the spiritual path.

Create your grounding from the people, places and things you need, remaining open to the fact that the Universe presents challenges to your benefit for growth.

Hold your space in this Universe with pride and openness.

I Am Allowed to Make Mistakes

We are spiritual beings living a physical life.  We are human and we make mistakes.  In each day we have the opportunity to make the most of our time and to keep our energies as pure as possible. 

When things go wrong, and we have had a hand in it, we sometimes concentrate on the catastrophe of our mistakes and get stuck in the moment, re-living it and blaming ourselves for what, most of the time, is simply a mistake.  

Concentrating on our mistakes evokes shame and blame, and that keeps us from moving forward.  What if we are meant to be where we are, doing what we are doing with whom we are spending our time, even if the outcome sometimes means we end up making mistakes?

Here's the critical difference:  What is your intention?  Think about whether you are contributing positively to the Universe and those around you or whether you are part of the negativity that weighs down the natural course of energies in the world. 

Do you gossip and contribute to negativity being pushed forward at the expense of someone?

Do you help someone feel bad by sympathizing with them rather than trying to lift them above their insecurities and their fears?

Do you forgive yourself for your mistakes or do you dwell on your failures?

Mistakes are present in our lives to learn from them.  


If you have hurt someone, make amends with him/her and let it go!

If you have made an error, correct it!

If you can't correct it, let it go!

Learn from your mistakes, allow them to enrich your life as reference points for your future and let go of the emotions that bog you down!

Be the best you can be!

Readings and all services are meant for your personal reflection.  All services are provided for entertainment purposes. Services in no way constitute legal, financial or medical advice. No type of counseling or personal advice is given.