Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium


The Moon has a strong connection to all of us with its gravitational pull and its mystical light beaming down on all of us each night.  The Moon has been a source of mystery and power for spiritual beings since the beginning of time.  The phases of the Moon can optimize your own personal energy, and depending on your needs, the Moon can work with you throughout the year to maximize your potential as the year progresses and you work toward your personal goals.

Earth's Moon is over 4 billion years old.  It's composition includes silicate rock and its surface is visibly barren and serene.  The rotation of the Moon is constant with the same revolution, with daylight constantly on one side and night at the other. 

The waxing and waning of the Moon bring opportunities for magic and energy connections throughout the year.  Meditating and gathering energy with the phases of the Moon are options for utilizing your personal magic all year long.  Strength, wisdom and psychic abilities correspond to prime times of the year as described below. 


The New Moon is associated with the North and midnight.  The New Moon magic is a time for rejuvenation and renewal.  Concentrating on gathering energies and new ideas, the New Moon supports any changes you hope to make.  The New Moon supports your new decisions like a move to a new home or move to a new job.

Meditations under the New Moon maximizes your personal decision making and search for answers.  


The Crescent Moon is associated with the Northeast and dawn.  The Crescent Moon magic is a time to welcome a burst of energy and power.  The awakening power of the Crescent Moon swirls new energies around its mere sliver of light in the night sky. The courage needed to tackle important tasks like ending uncomfortable or negative connections will be bolstered by the magic of the Crescent Moon.  Energy is vital for the makings of a stronger base and grounding, and the Crescent Moon's magic will help to seal any decisions that you make toward strengthening your grounding during this period of time.


The First Quarter Moon is associated with the East and early morning.  The First Quarter Moon magic is a time for gaining strength to complete your actions and decisions. Any obstacles or issues that arise during this time are easily overcome by concentration on drawing the Moon's energies down to Earth to push forward your goals despite doubts.  Re-evaluation of your actions and recreation of your determination are supported by the magic of the First Quarter Moon.  Emotions begin to influence your determination at this time, and it is beneficial to put the emotions into the passion to complete your goals.


The Gibbous Moon (Waxing, between a half Moon and full Moon) is associated with the Southeast and mid-morning.  The magic of the waxing Gibbous Moon brings to light the strength of the energies and convictions placed on the decisions and efforts made toward your goals.  This is a time of fast-paced growth where challenge and change collide in fiery colors, vividly engaging with energies that can be harnessed to maximize the power of the coming Full Moon.  Or, if your personal energies are low, you can pull the energy in toward you, thereby giving you an added boost of confidence needed to support you to keep your confidence high.


The Full Moon is associated with the South and noontime.  At the height of the Moon's power offerings, the Full Moon offers the most emotional, mental and physical power of all times during the month.  The Full Moon's power over love and trust is at its height.  Relationships grow stronger and action is teased out, even unwillingly, hence the legend of behaviors under the Full Moon.  The Full Moon's magic can be maximized in groups with a focus on pooling energies for a greater good.  Creativity and healing circles are the strongest under a Full Moon and wisdom deepens during this phase.


The Disseminating Moon (Waning Gibbous) is associated with the Southwest and late afternoon.  The magic of the Disseminating Moon is another opportunity to seize the energy of change.  Communication among others is heightened, and the Disseminating Moon's energy enhances the recipient's understanding and connection to the messages.  Exposing truths and ideas are supported with the energies of this phase of the Moon.  Capturing your desires to make a contribution and a difference in the world, the Disseminating Moon brings a time for calm and completion, making way for the next phase of the Moon's magic.


The Last Quarter Moon is associated with the West and sunset.  The Magic of the Last Quarter Moon is introspection, calm and understanding.  The reflection on what has been accomplished and what you might do differently in the future.  This phase of the Moon is maximized when you release judgments, avoiding sending out blame or negative energy, and avoiding self-blame or pride.  A focus on higher love and Universal responsibility will maximize the magic of the Last Quarter Moon, allowing creativity, growth and rest for the next phase of your goals.


The Balsamic Moon (Waning Crescent) is associated with the Northwest and night time. Little energy is needed to maximize the energy of the magic of the Balsamic Moon. It is a time for rest, concentration on joy and letting go of the old cycle of the month.  A reflection on new goals to create, leaving behind of decisions and matters that no longer have relevancy, this new lunar phase brings renewal and freshness to return Source Energy to your life.

The Twelve Moons of the Year

Each month, the Moon offers a chance to reflect on spiritual centering and making new goals for the year.  Your energy and vibrations can synchronize to the power of Moon Magic by maximizing the vibrational flow of the Moon each month.

Below are the months of the year with their corresponding Moon vibrations. 

January - The Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon's energy can help you balance your energies for the coming year. January can be a time of re-evaluation and re-tuning. The Wolf Moon's energies can best be optimized by concentrating on protective energies, organizing your thoughts and goals and reserving your energies for the months to come.  Meditations under the Wolf Moon should focus on learning and opening your energies for new information and discovering your potential.

February - The Snow Moon

February's Moon Magic is about conception of ideas and strategies for your personal desires for the year.  It is a time to consider how you would like to accomplish your goals and what connections you need to make to have success.  The Snow Moon is a time to meditate about your intentions and feeding your hopes.

March - The Sap Moon

The Sap Moon is a time when energies pick up and create their own momentum to work toward accomplishments.  March's Moon can be optimized when using discernment to capitalize on your energies with a concentration on prosperity and new growth.  The vibrant energies of the Sap Moon project robust energies and welcoming possibilities. Meditations under the Sap Moon are best to determine your personal energy level and commitment to your many obligations.  The Sap Moon's energy can reveal drains on your personal energy and be a time to dissolve complications.

April - The Grass Moon

The Grass Moon is a time to use your energy.  Initiating new endeavors, planning travel and establishing new goals is supported by the energy of April's full moon. Working on an attribute of your personality to gain further connections or to calm the discord of your heart are good meditations for this time period.

May - The Planting Moon

The full moon of May offers energies to manifest your heart's desires. It is a great time to seek new employment or to take risks that enhance your financial situation. The Planting Moon is a time for casting your wishes for the future. Meditations for risk taking and multiplying your efforts are well received during May's moon.

June - The Honey Moon

The Honey Moon's energy is active with love relationships, connections and strengthening partnerships to create strong foundations for the future.  June's Honey Moon energies create an optimum time to guard things important to you, to organize your home and grounding and to build trust among new relationships.  Meditations during the Honey Moon should include an emphasis on your interpersonal skills and your intuition.

July - The Thunder Moon

The roaring energy of July's Thunder Moon is when the seasons are at a height of magical energy.  The Thunder Moon offers great impetus for pushing forward with your goals, even in the face of doubt.  Dreams can be enhanced through meditations under the light of the Thunder Moon, offering an insight into your personal psychic magic and metaphysical work.  The Thunder Moon offers a time for self discovery and focus on your role within the Universe's structure.

August - The Corn Moon

Following on the wave of the mighty power of the Thunder Moon, August's Corn Moon offers energies for pooling resources, gathering energies of interpersonal connections and crafting endeavors for the rest of the year. The Corn Moon oversees the sacrifices of the best of the summer months, creating a height of activity for energies that are pulling back in an effort to maximize opportunities.  Future planning and re-evaluation meditations are useful under the light of the Corn Moon.

September - The Harvest Moon

Energies under the Harvest Moon are pulled within, as it heralds a time of self-reflection and the building of personal stamina.  September's Harvest Moon generates energies of intangible emotional strength that, when shared, creates a new frame of energy.  A time of beginning, the September Harvest Moon offers an opportunity to re-group energies from connections that have been dulled or forgotten.  The Harvest Moon is a time to share with those around you, offering excellent energies to create gatherings and social activities that emphasize sharing meals and festivities.

October - The Hunter's Moon

The mysteries of October's full Hunter's Moon herald a time when the veil between the living and the spirit world is the thinnest and communication and answers from spirits are closer than any other time of the year.  Hidden lies and agendas are exposed to the pure of heart, where true loyalty and honor reveal themselves without effort.  The energy of the Hunter's Moon brings with it the love and connection with ancestors and spirit guides.  Meditations under the Hunter's Moon are to build intuitive powers, psychic energy and gathering the power of the mystical energies within the Universe. 

November - The Mourning Moon

November's Mourning Moon is a time of letting go, shedding the energies that are no longer useful and focusing on building anew.  Connections that are hampering your personal energies are to be re-examined for the usefulness of the purpose of moving forward with relationships.  November's Mourning Moon is a time to address bad habits or crutches that keep physical distractions present, in the way of needed spiritual growth.  The Mourning Moon exposes negativity among personal connections, and it is a time to guard against unnecessary interactions that may have a lasting effect.

December - The Long Night's Moon

December's Long Night's Moon begins the true cold and quiet of the Moon's energies. The Long Night's Moon is a time to celebrate the actions and connections of the past while putting away resentments and hopes of unattained goals.  The Long Night's Moon energy is best to pull energies within and create a plan for the New Year.  Energies are low and meditations are best to send gratitude for spiritual lessons learned, firmly end connections that no long serve your goals or hopes and to make room for new energies to flow in the coming year.

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