Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium

Paranormal Investigations with RISEUP Paranormal

Sandra has worked with RISEUP Paranormal for several
investigations of private residences, historic homes,
businesses and professional buildings. 
RISEUP Paranormal conducts scientific investigations of properties to determine measurable instances of the presence of unexplained phenomena.  Team members are trained to use devices that offer readings of temperature changes, voice recordings, changes in electric and atmospheric conditions, visual evidence and other measurements to help confirm and document the presence of unexplained phenomena.
The partnership between RISEUP Paranormal and Sandra has
proven successful in combining 2 distinct styles of review for
evidence collection of properties and locations that present
unexplained happenings. With mutual respect for the goals
and beliefs of each perspective, the teamwork of R.I.S.E U.P.
team members and Sandra has brought a level of
understanding and direction to concerned property owners,
residents and occupants of locations where unexplained
events have brought concern.
 "RISEUP Paranormal works with families and
property owners to help them understand the
true nature of the phenomena they feel they
have experienced.  We have called Sandra into
both public and more sensitive private
investigations when we feel a different
perspective is warranted.  Primarily to open
lines of communication with any
consciousness that will not or cannot interact
with us within the scientific and metaphysical
realms of paranormal research with mutual
respect for each approach.  She has been
summoned on numerous occasions to imbue
her balance and insight into our cases."
 Ken DeCosta, Founder/Director of RISEUP
The balance of R.I.S.E U.P. team members' healthy
skepticism and Sandra's spiritual gifts
provide a comprehensive review of
unexplained events that provide clients with
direction and viable answers to their

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