Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium

Sandra's Grimoire

Positive energy is created by each one of us in the smallest actions we take in our lives.  Positive energy is encouraged and harnessed by utilizing meditations and Chakra alignment to insure that negative energy blocks are addressed and released, allowing positive energy to fill those spaces.

Sandra's Grimoire is a collection of metaphysical meditations that utilize crystals and flowers/plants with incenses that tune the body's vibrations to scientifically calibrate the positive energies that utilize somatic connection of body, mind and soul.

Crystal Cleansing Exercise:

To make a baseline of cleansing energies in your home, office, car or any personal space, some people choose smudging through smoke, using sage, sweetgrass or other herbal smudging materials.  

Did you know that you could cleanse your space with crystals and liquid smudging?

Waters are a great way to build a base for liquid smudging.  Orange water, rose water or lemon water can help to revive and lift energies in your personal spaces, and although the scent is refreshing, it lingers only a few minutes and, because of the limited scent time, it serves its purpose to turn over energies into something new, cleansing the area.

To create your own liquid smudging, start with a base of a scented water or filtered or natural spring water.  Pour the water into a spray decanter and, for more power in your liquid smudging, place a small crystal into the water.  

For pure cleansing on its own, place a clear quartz in the bottom of the water container.

For cleansing the impurities and a powerful turnover of energies, place a green fluorite in the bottom of the water container (see Fluorite on the Crystal Work page, July's Crystal of the Month).

For enhancing the love and connection of the people around you, place a rose quartz at the bottom of the water container.

For tapping into refreshing and reinvigorating energies, place a citrine in the bottom of the water container.

For cleansing the negativity from an environment, place a black onyx in the bottom of the water container.

Cleansing the Environment

The procedure is simple, and can be done with the lightest of intentions.  Many different belief systems operate with procedures that are formalized and have great ritual attached to them.  For the sake of Sandra's clients, a more accessible way to smudge with your liquid crystal smudging, follow these simple steps:

1.  Choose your water and container and sink your crystal into the water container.  It is best to use a small amount of water, like 3 oz.  It will keep and become stronger as you store it.  It is important to use a newly acquired crystal for this purpose.  It need only be small and feel good in your hand.

2.   Spray over your head and around your body first, then as you envision your energy clearing, spray the room and immediate area with your liquid smudge. Do this no more than 3 times.

3.  When you know you are done, imagine the old energy transported up and away from the room, thereby resetting the tone of the room to the new energies.

4. Store your remaining crystal liquid smudging water in a cool, dark place.

 The benefit of smudging areas helps lift your spirits and move around energies and vibrations that have created patterns or have remained dormant clogging areas from new energy patterns.   You can repeat your smudging exercise when you feel the area could use a lift.  And, yes, you can smudge outside places -  in fact, it helps you claim a small space of the outside for yourself.



Cleansing your Crystals:


There are many ways you can cleanse your newly acquired crystals to free them from energies that they collected along the way.

Sunlight, ocean water, lamp black from fire or any natural soil can help to recharge and restore crystal energy to a clear baseline.  Depending on your spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, you can build a customized ritual for cleansing your working crystals in a very basic and accessible way.

Here is an exercise where you can start to think about your ritual for cleansing your crystals.

Use the natural element that corresponds to your astrological sign to start your own crystal cleansing ritual:


Aries - Fire


Taurus - Earth


Gemini - Air


Cancer - Water


Leo - Fire


Virgo - Earth


Libra - Air


Scorpio - Water


Sagittarius - Fire


Capricorn - Earth


Aquarius - Air


Pisces – Water


Cleansing crystals with Fire: Many rituals include passing crystals through the flame of a candle, but that is not always the easiest way to cleanse your crystals, and not always the smartest way either.  Collecting lamp black from the glass of a globe or a votive holder in which a candle has been burned is a more feasible way of cleansing your crystals.  The carbon residue left behind from the smoke of the flame of the candle can be applied directly to the crystal.  You don’t need too much – and this is a messy procedure, so the smallest amount will suffice.  Take a small amount of the lamp black, rub onto the crystal and use a simple phrase like: “I cleanse this (name of the crystal) with Fire to make it my own.”  Wash the crystal with water to remove the lamp black and the cleansing is complete.


Cleansing crystals with Water: Rituals with water can vary from dunking your crystals into the power of a roaring ocean to running your crystals under the faucet of your home sink.  Water cleansing requires running the crystal under the tap of the faucet a total of 3 times and using a simple phrase like: “I cleanse this (name of the crystal) with Water to make it my own.”  You can choose instead to have the crystal sit in a container of water for a short period of time.


Cleansing crystals with Earth: Freshly dug soil is the best to use for an Earth cleansing ritual.  Use a bowl of soil that you have selected to bury the crystals and as you sink them into the soil use a simple phrase like: “I cleanse this (name of the crystal) with Earth to make it my own.”  Use the same phrase as you unearth the crystal from the soil.


Cleansing crystals with Air: Utilizing incense is the best way of cleansing a crystal with Air.  The incense you choose should be one which you enjoy the scent.  There are many, many different herbs and incenses that have vibrations and specific magic that offer a customized match to your intention.  But for the sake of this simple task, choose the incense that best suits your personality and feels good at the time.  Light the incense and allow it to smolder for a short period of time.  Pass the crystal through the smoke of the incense and use a simple phrase like: “I cleanse this (name of the crystal) with Air to make it my own.” 


KEEP IT SIMPLE!  It does not take an intensive amount of time to cleanse your crystals. Once your cleansing ritual is complete, your crystals truly belong to you and they are ready to be charged to accept their purposes.


You don’t always have to use your element to cleanse your crystals.  It is the simplest way to start, but you don’t have to stick to your basic ritual all the time.  Inherent in the crystals themselves are their energies tuned to the elements.  They have a kinship to the elements, and this can amplify the intentions you have for the crystal.


See Sandra’s Crystal Work section for information about individual crystals to get more details on the qualities of specific crystals.







Topics in Sandra's Grimoire

The following is an excerpt of the master list of Meditation

Rituals created by Sandra and customized for use by Sandra's

clients in creating positive energy in their lives. 


Each Meditation Ritual is provided with all supplies needed to

manifest positive changes and enhance spiritual



* ABUNDANCE - to enhance and enjoy the abundance of positive energies and good things; appreciation for life's blessings

* ASCENDED GUIDES - to unblock energy and allow for guidance for life's meaning and purpose 

* CONFIDENCE - to harmonize and balance one's energies in order to maximize the positive aspects of one's personal strength

* DREAMS - to unlock messages from one's intuitive side; to quiet nightmares

MOTIVATION - to enhance personal self-discipline and create positive intention to one's goals

* POWER - to enhance empowerment in a situation or in one's life; to increase stamina 

* PROBLEM SOLVING - to enlighten the mind with clarity to find the solution to a pressing issue

* CLEANSING: SACRED SPACE - to clear an area of negativity or of fear

* CLEANSING: PERSONAL PURIFICATION - to rid oneself of the effects of a negative situation or relationship

* CLEANSING: UNBLOCKING NEGATIVITY - to rid oneself of negative thoughts; to create healthy boundaries

* LOVE: CLEANSING L'AMOUR FOU - to cleanse and rid energies from a relationship or unhealthy connection

* LOVE: CREATING PASSION - to open the door to passion, love and desire

* LOVE: SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS & FRIENDSHIPS -  to create new alliances and friendships with significance

* MONEY - to manifest opportunities to create wages or employment

* INNER BALANCE - to create balance and strength in your heart and soul

* PROTECTION - to guard against unfairness, malice and evil intentions

* GOOD HEALTH - to promote health, recovery and restore energy

* GRATITUDE - to accept and celebrate gratitude for a positive outcome

* CREATIVITY - to encourage openness to creative and productive energy

* JOY - to celebrate and enhance joy and good fortune; to accept joy into your heart

* WISDOM - to seek deeper meaning and understanding with your life; to learn more

* CONNECTING WITH SPIRIT - to feel connection with your soul's energy and purpose

* HARMONY - to bring harmony to an interpersonal situation; to bring peace and calm

* CONFLICT RESOLUTION - to bring about permanent resolution to a situation

* HEALING - to bring about healing and renewing energy into your life; to move on

* FORGIVENESS - to free your heart from grievances; to restore your faith

* DEVELOPING PSYCHIC ABILITIES - designed by Sandra to reveal your own psychic abilities and bring your skills to the surface

* CONNECTING WITH ANGELS - to open your heart to the presence of guardian angels and protective spirits; to lighten the spirit to connect with goodness

* CONNECTING WITH DECEASED LOVED ONES - to call the presence of a deceased loved one to you to keep connected

PAST LIFE RECALL - to connect with past life issues; to reveal purpose

* CREATING POSITIVE ENERGY - to generate positive energy to come into your life

* MENTAL CLARITY - to clear blocked energy and create renewed focus

* MANIFEST YOUR DESIRE - to ask the Universe for your true dream to be realized

* BELIEF IN A SPIRITUAL PATH - to find your true spiritual direction and seek connection

* DEVELOPING COMPASSION - to add clarity and objectivity to your decision making; to overcome personalization in conflict 

* PROTECTING PERSONAL PROPERTY - to create a barrier of protection between your home and intentional harm

* OPENING TO NEEDED CHANGE - to embrace uncertainty and openness, relinquish hold on the past and invite new and welcome change for the better

* INSPIRATION - to open yourself to create a deeper connection to life's purpose and goals

* COMBATING ADDICTION - to build strength and resilience to combat the trappings of alcohol, drug, gambling or sexual addiction



Readings and all services are meant for your personal reflection.  All services are provided for entertainment purposes. Services in no way constitute legal, financial or medical advice. No type of counseling or personal advice is given.