Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium

Simple Steps to Starting Your Spiritual Journey

Many of Sandra's clients talk to her about the need to understand their purposes in their lives on a deeper level than they do.  Sometimes these thoughts arise from the need to understand changes and transitions in their lives, other times it is a crisis of faith that brings about thoughts of defeat or a feeling of punishment.

The balance of one's religion and spiritual belief in the metaphysical need not conflict.  As a soul we need the structure of a social system where there are morals and organization of positive behavior that create a baseline of fairness and peace.  Religion is a structure in which we learn, often at a very young age, some basic organization to the physical world and what expectations to have once the spirit moves from the physical world upon death.

Your spiritual journey is more personal. It involves creating your own understanding of what you have learned from your life, what your own personal desire provokes in your behaviors and what you honestly and sincerely need to fulfill your role in the Universe. 

Where do I fit?

What often brings up the drive to find spirituality is the point in time in your life when you feel you do not know enough about where you are going with your life and what you are meant to do.  This is a very welcome point to a spiritual traveler because it means you are open for raw data and communication about where you are headed in this Universe and what you might encounter along the way to make you feel fulfilled.

The essence of spirituality starts from when you are all alone.  When you are looking honestly at your life, alone with your thoughts, and when you are determining what your true desires and feelings are provoking.  Some of us may get caught up in thoughts of the physical life - 'I need more money' 'I wish I could find true love' 'I am so unhappy with my job'.  These thoughts are springboards to go within.  What you are missing and what would make you feel inner peace and tranquility.

SIMPLE STEP #1: Learning How to Center Yourself

Centering yourself is the act of going within to the place that only you and your Higher Power and Higher Self can access.  When you are centered, you are present and focused on your life and you remove the barriers that are causing you to lose focus.  Scientifically you are moving your energy and raising your vibrational level to a place that cleanses your thoughts and clears your heart.

Prayer and meditation are forms of centering yourself to focus on your needs and desires.  If you have a natural way of centering yourself, you have a connection to the Universe that allows you to raise Source Energy to your core and refresh the vibrations of your essence to fulfill your goals.

If you don't pray or meditate, you can begin to simply center yourself by doing exercise to focus your energies:

1.  Sit in quiet and take a moment to become aware of your physical body sitting or reclining against the physical space you occupy

2.  Take a deep cleansing breath and clear your mind of all thoughts

3.  As you begin to steady your breathing, try very hard to keep your mind clear and open.  (Having trouble?  Let the thoughts you are having move across your mind from one side to another, continue to concentrate on your breathing.  Make a conscious decision to put these thoughts to rest - just for the brief time you are centering yourself.)

4.  Focus your mind on an object or a place that is peaceful and calming to you.

5. Pulling Source Energy from the Earth and the Universe takes moments, not an extended period of time.  So, even if you have limited time, you have enough time to center yourself.

Don't think you are doing it right?  Don't worry.  Impatience with the process will abbreviate your experience and limit your success.  Quieting the mind isn't always easy, especially when you have a lot on your mind.  Set your expectations to simply fulfill the goal of quieting your mind.  When you are doing it right you will know.

Centering yourself is beneficial for your health and your spirituality.  All of the answers that you need are in the Universe.  The intuitive information you need is found when you slow down and connect your body and mind, listening to the song of the Universe.  It is the essence of metaphysical  intelligence.  

SIMPLE STEP #2: Creating a Visualization

Using magic to add to your life is not as mystical as it sounds - it's using energy to manifest your needs and asking the Universe and your Higher Power for assistance.  When used for your own needs, personal magic can bring about a needed change to a situation or time when your energy is blocked and tapped out of its strength.  For those interested in magic as a tool of power to influence people, this website can't help you.  The magic referenced here has to do with utilizing personal and Universal energy to maximize your performance in the physical world to enhance your spiritual experience.

Energy is power in itself.  Power that has no purpose to harm or cause injury.  Magic used to enhance your own well being, produce love and positive energy is the purpose of this simple step.  The exercise is not a selfish one.  It is one to enhance love, contentment, pleasure and personal growth.

1.  After you have centered yourself, take a moment to clear your mind especially for the exercise of creating a visualization of your energy.  Concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes.

2.  Focus on your personal energy coming to life by thinking of a few colors that represent your current state of mind.  Are they bright and vibrant, strong and unyielding?  Are they muted or pastels, soft and receptive?  Take a moment to focus and find those colors from within your mind.

3.  Next see the colors make a pattern before your (closed) eyes and watch as your energy moves into patterns freely, without guiding the pattern.

4.  You are ready for a more focused visualization now!  Take a moment and, with your eyes closed, focus on your heart's desire.  To make a simple example, here is Sandra's most common request:

Visualizing a love connection 

With your eyes closed, feel where your energy begins and ends by seeing those color ribbons from one end to the other.  Imagine they are waving slowly and with repeated patterns until you feel the vibrations of those colors in synchronicity with your heart rate.  Now, feel the place in your heart that needs to be filled.  Imagine your ribbons of colored energy now being met by another form of energy.  Don't push to see it yet, make your energy open and willing to see the new colors that appear.  When you are able to see the colors, watch how they meld with the colors of your own energy.  Let the new pattern become part of your existing pattern and let the colors meld with the colors of your own energy palette.  

Don't focus on who may be behind this energy pattern, instead focus on your own vibrations melding and extending past the pattern it already made to a new, broader and more defined pattern.  Stay with this new pattern, breathing deeply to connect and manifest the energy of this vision to bring it into a clearer picture in your mind's eye.

Repeat this visualization to continue to manifest your heart's desire for a love connection that is meaningful and representative of what you need most in your life.

Energy is neutral and will work for you as long as you continue to generate positive energy and overlook the temptation to reinforce or create negative energy.

Be careful when you are feeling angry, low or when you are holding grievances.  This works against you in manifesting your positive visualization.  Rid your mind and heart of negativity and energy blocks by always centering yourself first.

See Sandra's Grimoire for a list of Meditations where Centering and Visualization are listed.  These are designed by Sandra for her clients to manifest positive energy in their lives!



A Simple Step to Use Energy Magic

SIMPLE STEP #3: Dealing with Life's Changes

If you have read the Energy Magic section and are aware of Chakras, Crystals and Energy Magic, you are ready for this Simple Step.

As an example of using Energy Magic in your life, below is a representative example of another of Sandra's most popular requests when working with clients.

Example of Using the Energy Magic knowledge to your benefit:

Coping with a Loss of Employment

When you have lost your job, whether by choice or by circumstance, your energy is uprooted from its routine, and blockages in your personal energy can occur. One way to unblock energy and restore your Chi is to focus on areas that are likely affected by the disruption, and use Crystals and Energy Magic to focus yourself on next steps.

With the loss of employment comes a change in your grounding which effects the flow of energy at your Root Chakra.  This change can mean a disruption in your routine and your normal energy flow. The Root Chakra is therefore changed, and likely energy flow has been interrupted, resulting in lower back pain, a feeling of abandonment and the consuming drive to survive.  Physical functioning and sensation can result in the feeling of vulnerability and the fear of rejection, thereby effecting the normal energy flow to the Heart Chakra.  Once these two areas have been thrown off, the result could be a blockage in the Solar Plexus Chakra from the inability to integrate and prioritize next steps.

Left unattended and ignored, the result could be a disconnection from normal energy levels and the emergence of a lack of self worth.  The resulting energy may manifest itself in a blockage in the Throat Chakra.

So, these are Simple Steps to take:

Unblocking one area, will make it easier to unblock the rest.  Since the subject is employment, that directly effects the Root Chakra, so that becomes the place to start.

A Root Chakra meditation to unblock the energy is in order.  With your chosen crystal in hand, open yourself up to the vibrations of the crystal and open your mind to the need to address the flow of energy. 

1. Center yourself - using the Centering exercise above (Simple Step #1), and just as it says, if things come into your mind while you are trying to Center, let them pass.

2. Breathe deeply and visualize the color red. This helps tune your vibrations to your grounding.

3. Hold the crystal of your choice (associated with the Root Chakra) in your hand and close your eyes.

4. Let your mind quiet and find your grounding. The crystal is a passive tool, it works whether you believe it or not.

5. When you feel calmer and more focused, it is time to move on to your Solar Plexus Chakra meditation.

6. Breathe deeply and visualize the color yellow.  

7. Hold the new crystal of your choice (associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra) in your hand and close your eyes.

8. When you feel yourself relax and your energies flowing freely to your Solar Plexus, you can move on to your Heart Chakra.

9. Repeat the Energy Magic exercises with the Chakra meditations and Crystals until you feel lighter and more aligned as one source of energy.

The exercise opens you to the next steps in your life.  A change such as the loss of employment brings up a lot of stress, anxiety and can damage your sense of self worth.  Not to mention the physical strain of having to manage finances and meet your obligations, a disruption whether intentional or forced upon you will indeed interrupt your grounding.

Focus and attention don't need to be strained. You can do this exercise, trust your instincts.  If you find you don't have the patience for this, go back and try again - but try only with the Centering exercise because you may have very blocked energies that require a relaxed focus that may be the hard part to obtain.

Aligning all Chakras is a common practice, and it is done in healthy, hearty times as well as times of despair.  

For a list of some of the Meditation exercises that Sandra offers her clients, please see Sandra's Grimoire section.

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