Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium

Spirit Communication

One of the ways Sandra helps others develop their psychic abilities, learn more about energy and the magic of the Universe and to have a stronger engagement in the metaphysical is with lessons in Spirit Communication.

Energy Circles

Sandra leads Energy Circles to teach people how to focus and utilize their energies to open their psychic doorways to enhance their senses and interact with the intangible energies of spirits, both familiar and unfamiliar. 

Energy Circles can be as small as Sandra and one other person, and as large as 20 people.  Energy Circles generate a concentrated amount of focused vibrations to assist spirits in communicating and allow for the group of participants to tune their psychic energies and abilities.

Spirit Communication Outings

Sandra offers Spirit Communication Outings in locations where spirits are active and hard evidence can be documented using electronic monitoring devices to record changes in atmosphere, energies and electricity.  

Spirits can communicate in response to energies that are manifested by Sandra and participants to indicate there is a connection and participation in active Spirit Communication.



This bright light was caught in response to direct communication with a female spirit in visitation to a group where Sandra was testing the equipment. 

The female spirit engaged with the group by presenting herself in the form of moving orbs that moved in a consistent direction for 4 rotations.  The orbs grew in brightness and descended in cascading light.  This large glowing orb moved brightly and quickly across one of the stationary cameras.


And another still picture from the same evening connecting with the female spirit:

 There will be a lot more updates coming, so please stay tuned!






Unsettled Spirits

Sandra communicates with spirits that may be unsettled and trying to make themselves known. 

This spirit was captured during a session in a private home where activity was present and the family was continually given disturbing signs of unexplained phenomena.

The spirit had been killed in an automobile accident three weeks earlier and was at unrest from guilt and preoccupation with loved ones left behind.  He was an uninvited guest in the family's home and was asked to leave them alone.



He was listening outside the window and Sandra spoke to the couple about saying goodbye and asking the unsettled spirit to leave.

He moved on after the session and has not returned.