Sandra Lindsey, Spirit Medium

Support in Transition

After meeting with Sandra at my home last month I was amazed to realize it took someone else to make me understand what I wanted in life. I had been very active with a certain skill while in the Marine Corps and loved it. Once I was done with active duty and starting life as a civilian its almost like I didn't know how to connect the two. During my session with Sandra I felt this relief both mentally and physically when she brought to my attention the knowledge and interest in something I could make a career now doing what I did in the military. She has a connection with your soul that most do not have with themselves. I highly recommend her and if you do not take the opportunity to talk to her then you might never know your true potential. Thank you very much

Alexander from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts            

Changing the Future

So, if someone came to me 7 months ago and told me that 7 months down the road, I'd be out of my horrible job and starting up my own business, I'd have laughed. My first contact with Sandra came just before Christmas of 2011, my already terrible job was getting worse, my relationship with my partner was almost at an end, I was mentally and physically drained and above all I just didn't know what I wanted from life or where I was going.  I had been reading a lot of Sandra's Twitter updates and decided to send her a message to ask a few questions. 

We spoke often of my situation and Sandra kindly offered me 2 Spells to try, one was an Abundance Spell and the other an Integration Spell. We also used several meditation techniques. 

Since learning Magic & spirituality with Sandra's guidance, my life has changed dramatically! Everything in my life has changed for the better and when I look back I feel  like a completely different person now.  I urge others to try out the services offered, you will not regret it.

A HUGE thank you!

Ross from the United Kingdom


As a solitary Pagan who never gets to practice, your Tweets inspire me to stay focused and positive. I think my negativity is coming back to me 3-fold and your positive inspiration is very uplifting and puts me in a better place.

Kleiner Wolf @KWolf51


Wow! You can’t be more skeptical than me, but Sandra is amazing. Her reading is more than that because she has such nice, personable qualities. But let’s face it, it’s all about the reading. You won’t be disappointed. She knew details about me and was very specific with things going on in my life. She's not guessing. She actually knows these things!  I’ll say it again—Wow!


T. Pina, Esquire from Boston, MA

Comforting Guidance

Sandra gave me a reading what was very comforting. I had some question that needed to be answered within.

These were questions that needed to be asked for people that had passed. I felt very settled in my mind after my reading. Sandra touched on the past in my reading and those questions and answers brought definite decisions that needed to be made for my future plans. I was very pleased with my reading and recommend that you invite Sandra into your life to give you a reading. I was very pleased.
Julie from Middleboro, MA


Thoughtful Reflection

I just wanted to say thank you for my reading.  There was a sensitive issue that came up, and I appreciate that you brought forward the information you did through mediumship and tarot.  It was both a healing and a blessing I saw you that day.  I will definitely recommend you to others.
Rev. Stephanie

Personal Development

Meeting Sandra was like speaking with someone who knew my whole life story! She was able to clearly identify some significant issues that I needed to address in order to become the woman I'm supposed to be! I will continue to consult her to assure I remain on the road to being the best me.

Forever Grateful,

Nikki from Whitman, MA


Having a reading with Sandra was one of the most amazing experiences
of my life.  The unexpected death of my mother 6 years ago has certainly changed my life in ways that I can not begin to describe.  My reading with Sandra also changed my life in ways that are difficult to put into words.  She was able to provide me with the closure and comfort that I did not receive when my mother suddenly passed away.  You will not be disappointed when you meet Sandra, she has such an amazing gift and I am happy that she was able to share her gift with me.  My experience with Sandra was personal, unique, profound and unforgettable. 
Deirdre from Mashpee, MA


Dear Sandra:

Your reading brought a feeling of comfort and stability to my world,
because with all the emotions flying around me,
I felt as if I were spinning off my axis.
To know I have a guide who remains close to me at all times and the fact
that you were able to describe him to me
brought back an inner peace which I had misplaced.
I appreciated all the concise descriptions you gave me.
I am looking forward to another reading as soon as we can schedule it!

Best regards,

Robin from Deadwood, SD


I am certainly a skeptic, but Sandra has a gift.  She was able to pinpoint things about me that I never would have expected.  Her guidance is personal and warm, it in a word, is priceless.

Caroline from Boston, MA

A Touchstone

Sandra has become the GPS of my life.  For each and every Reading she clarifies the road I'm on, the obstacles/roadblocks I may be facing while providing me with knowledge and tools to remain on track.

Darlene from Hanson, MA


I have gone to Sandra a few times now.  I was very skeptical when I first went, but she was very accurate about my life at that time.  During my next Reading I walked away saying 'That Reading was so wrong.'  Over the next 3 months everything she said came true and I could not believe how accurate it was!  I would say to anyone that they should try to see Sandra to help you understand things that might not make sense to you because every time I have walked away she has made things easier to deal with.

Shannon from Rockland, MA

Meaningful Connection

Last year before I met Sandra I was on a path of self destruction.  I had anxiety; I was drinking and driving; I couldn't sleep.  I didn't know where my life was heading, and I felt no connection to my soul.  After I met Sandra my life changed instantly.  When I sat down to start my Reading I didn't know what to say or what to ask.  Sandra made me feel calm and comfortable and I was able to open my heart.

 After my Readings, my life has changed for the better.  I have more confidence.  My journey now is still challenging, but connecting with Sandra has made a big difference!  I strongly recommend Sandra and encourage everyone to try a Reading with her.  She is great at what she does and she is a caring and loving person.

Annie from Providence, RI

Peace of Mind

I have found a new kind of peace and contentment that I have never experienced before.  Meeting with Sandra is a great comfort.

Brian from Denver, CO

Useful Information

My Reading gave me very good information.  It was very positive and to the point.

Jo-Ann from Centerville, MA

Hope and Joy for the Future

Sandra was spot-on in everything she said.  She was able to give me such hope and joy looking into my future.  Thanks for letting me hear my Dad!

Amy from Kingston, MA

Spiritual Enlightenment

I was so nervous when I had my first meeting with Sandra. What would she see? What would she tell me? Who would show up? These were all questions swimming around in my head. The moment I met her all my worries went away and I felt completely comfortable and at peace. It was as if Sandra knew me my whole life. I will never forget the experience I had and have been back to see her several more times since. The experience has enhanced my spirituality and has not only taught me so much about myself but also about others in my life. I am truly grateful and feel blessed to have Sandra's guidance and talent working on my side.

Michele from Vershire, VT


The hour spent with Sandra was filled with much insight.  The unique way she was able to read my energy from the Crystals was fascinating.  Sandra was so on target with my family and relationships and I admit I was astounded how in tune we were.  For me, the reaffirmation of the recent choices and clarification of my journey have given me peace of mind.  Thank you.

Barb from Dennis, MA

Belief Where There Was Doubt

#1)   I was very skeptical at first about the whole idea but my thoughts have definitely changed.  I knew Sandra could read me very well the moment she looked at my cards.  After seeing the reactions of all of my friends and family after they had Readings only made me more of a believer.  I am very happy I decided to get a Reading.  I would love to speak with Sandra Lindsey again.

#2)  Thank you so much!  You were really awesome - thanks for opening my mind!

(Names withheld), Exeter, NH

Needed Information

Sandra makes me feel very comfortable and has provided information for me that has brought clarity to my relationships and future endeavors.  I would recommend Sandra to any skeptics because you have nothing to lose or fear!

Janet from Rowley, MA

Amazing Results

This Reading was amazing!  I was very skeptical about what was going to be said.  When I was finished, I was very happy to hear everything Sandra said.  This was truly amazing.  Thank you!

 Kneena from Seabrook, NH

Insight into Relationships

I am usually very skeptical, but when I had a Reading with Sandra, I was blown away.  She told me things that no one knew.  She described people in my life with eerie accuracy.  Sandra is the real deal.  She gives amazing Readings with a warm, loving energy.

Jessica from Coventry, RI

Connection with Family Members that Passed

Sandra is great.  She has a warm, wonderful energy.  She was able to allow me the opportunity to connect with my brother.  He passed away at the age of 50.  He was too young when he passed.  I know that he is in a better place. With Sandra's help, my brother was able to share his feelings with me.  She could feel his energy so strongly.  My brother and I both were able to have closure.  It gave me a chance to tell my brother how much I love him and how much he meant to me.

Tracy from Coventry, RI


Sandra knew all the details of a private situation as if she had known the plans.

On my first Reading, Sandra was able to accurately describe my Mom and Dad with even minute details of their personalities.  My parents are both deceased and Sandra had never met them.

Audrey from Cary, NC